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Making the Most of Life Transitions


I’ve known Linda Blachman professionally for many years, and been privileged to witness the great gifts of heart and wisdom that she brings to her work. Linda is compassionate, intuitive, skilled, and deeply present. She has worked with me on my own life transition of turning 60, losing my dad, and my only child leaving home, and I am continually impressed with her skill, breadth and depth of experience, and her ability to zero in on the heart of the matter. Thank you Linda!
Betsy Rose | Musician & Writer

Linda is an amazing coach and guide who always knows the perfect questions to ask to propel one forward . . . something that is invaluable. And she gets to the heart/core of things. She made me feel safe and comfortable enough to completely entrust myself to her, a masterful imagery guide, on an unknown journey. The joy we shared together came from my discoveries and her passion for helping others find the keys to a happier life. I entered into the experience with no expectations and left, having unearthed a freedom that has been buried too long, with a much lighter heart. I am so grateful to Linda for all her coaching, support, encouragement, and love.
Karen G | Artist

Linda is especially talented in addressing the challenges a maturing adult faces and helping them uncover their truth and find a more positive and productive direction. She assisted me through some rough waters during my current transition from one job to another and one state to another. Later, using guided imagery, she effortlessly guided me through an experience that enabled me to discover the inner strength required to deal with my life-long fear of social situations. She combines a personal touch with a professional presence that makes the fear of change manageable. Intuitively and sensitively, she helped me find my truth. Linda is creative, brilliant, caring and loving. She made a huge difference in my life. I will be forever grateful to her.
Fritz Saam | Mental Health Case Manager, Communication Professional, & Doctoral Student, Human & Organizational Development

Linda’s life coaching has been truly life changing for me and my family. As a working mom of two young children, I was feeling the immense burden to “do it all” — and perfectly. Linda’s gentle yet authoritative guidance during a transitional period helped me identify my priorities and focus on the activities and relationships that actually matter. She brings her wisdom, sensitivity and real-world experience working with mothers for decades to effectively guide me through this complex phase of life and has given me the tools to see clearly and create a life that I want! I highly recommend her for life coaching and guided imagery.
EF | Mother & Consultant

When I had to face my husband’s rapidly declining physical and mental health, Linda helped me quiet my mind by organizing and categorizing the tasks and responsibilities coming towards me, and she helped me quiet my heart by making me feel supported and capable of dealing with all the new challenges. Linda is a very warm, kind and patient person. She is also smart, enormously resourceful and remarkably knowledgeable about local institutions and organizations that can offer further help. Mainly, she was a wonderful guide in helping me find my true feelings about the shock of the change in my primary relationship. This freed me enough so I could begin to accept my role as a caregiver and to eventually even find joy and satisfaction in this new phase of my life.
Barbara B | Retired Teacher

Thank you, Linda, for your invaluable guidance, insight and wisdom! During our time together in life transitions coaching, I experienced a powerful mindset shift — moving out the “belly of the fear” — to a place of peace and acceptance. You are a wonderful listener and you created a very safe place for self-exploration and self–discovery. I would recommend your services highly.
CG | Certified Hypnotherapist

After several sessions working with Linda Blachman as a life coach it became clear that her compassion and dedication to helping me find my deepest needs and wishes for myself was her primary goal. I really felt her with me as I journeyed through my own confusion and frustration. She kept me on track with encouragement and permission to want what I want and to remain committed to achieving it. She made clear that I am entitled to a fulfilling life and helped me carve the path toward obtaining it.
Jillian J | Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist

Although I knew I was in transition, I’d forgotten what that meant and how to concretely acknowledge this and support myself rather than plow on through. Linda’s skilled listening and experience offered me clarity and insight (even in the first hour) that will assist me with greater self-compassion than I’d have allowed myself before. I know how to drive and strive; this is the balance I needed to remember.
Mary M| Consultant/Social Entrepreneur

Linda’s coaching helped me get “unstuck” on a book-writing project by giving it higher priority in my life. Working with Linda helped me recommit in a more structured way to some good practices. She was very supportive, striking a balance between gentleness and firmness. I feel more in control of my life and more confident that I can and will finish writing the book.
Ann H | Independent Scholar