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Making the Most of Life Transitions

Guided Life Review

Navigating life transitions is a creative process involving your sense of self, your life and your life story.

We all live through story all of the time. From childhood on, we tell ourselves stories about who we are and what life is about. Our narratives help us form meaningful patterns that make us feel secure, connected and in control. Future stories we imagine give us hope and propel us forward.

Yet stories and beliefs developed earlier in life can become stale and removed from present reality or desires. They can tether us to the past or limit our perception of future options, diminishing creativity and undermining our best efforts to improve our lives.

The important news is that our stories, like our lives, are works in progress. Relatively stable life chapters alternate with unstable times that shake up the stories we live by. By raising questions and challenging us to find new answers, transitions invite us to reimagine authentic narratives that fit our current circumstances. You can change your story. And changing your story can change your life.

Choose Life! Coaching can incorporate life review, an enjoyable and effective way to revisit your life story, celebrate and integrate the past, and launch life planning for your next chapter.

Through guided reflection, you will:

  • review and harvest life experiences for enduring values, themes, wisdom, strengths, interests and sources of vitality and joy
  • reveal positive and healing stories, as well as limiting beliefs and attitudes
  • release scripts and self-talk that no longer serve you, freeing up energy for new possibilities
  • reclaim your power and voice as author and authority of your life
  • revise and renew your story into an authentic, meaningful and sacred narrative

The path towards wisdom and wholeness begins with reflecting on your experiences and making choices that express your life force and highest values. Life review helps create a new relationship to the past, which in turn can alter neural pathways, supporting positive change.

Life review can be combined with Legacy Planning and/or recording your Personal History.
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Storytelling is fundamental
to the human search
for meaning . . .
— Mary Catherine Bateson

To know where
we’re going,
it helps to see
where we’ve been.