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Making the Most of Life Transitions

Women’s Health Coaching

Mother was right when she said: “Your health is the most important thing!” Our health — physical, mental/emotional and spiritual — is the foundation of our wellbeing and success in life.

Health and wellness coaching

Many clients seek coaching to make positive life changes but find their best efforts thwarted by insufficient sleep, poor nutrition, troubling symptoms (e.g., backaches, migraines, indigestion) or nagging stress and anxiety. It’s hard to tap into your creativity, sustain motivation towards goals or enjoy life when you’re hurting or lacking energy and stamina.

This depleted syndrome is especially true if you’re a young mother, midlife woman in the sandwich generation or professional caregiver. Hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy, postpartum, menopause or fertility treatments can make things worse. Any major life transition can intensify stress and take a toll on health.

With decades of experience in health education/research and care management, I know that you do not have to live this way. The key is not to power through until you have a full-blown health crisis!

Choose Life! Coaching can guide you to become more resilient and balanced, irrespective of life challenges. You can develop more energy, focus, joy, ease and motivation by:

  • connecting with your life force and making life-affirming choices
  • reclaiming your power and strength through enlightened self-care
  • developing positive health habits and tools for self-healing
  • getting appropriate emotional and social support

I do not diagnose or treat illness but help you set and meet specific health-related goals or work towards enhancing general energy, strength and well-being so you can address changes in other parts of your life.

Coaching and navigation through serious illness

Serious health transitions can impact all parts of one’s life. Illness itself has a way of eroding confidence and overwhelming the sense of self. Yet even when a disease is chronic or incurable, it’s still possible to regain perspective, find healing and lead a valuable and enjoyable life. Coaching is especially focused on supporting choices that engage your life force and will to live, give you joy and improve your quality of life in the present.

Guiding people through the illness journey and helping them reclaim their lives and revise their life stories are passions of mine. My many years in public health research, education and advocacy, my own three-year journey of living with disability and chronic pain, and over a decade assisting people with cancer all inform my health coaching. My work incorporates the tools and ideas that helped me heal, including life review and story revision, guided imagery and writing for healing, as well as the mothers’ profound lessons in cancer survivorship presented in my book, Another Morning.

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For fast acting relief,
try slowing down.
— Lily Tomlin


“Hope” is the thing
with feathers —
That perches in
the soul —
And sings the tune
without the words —
And never stops —
at all —
— Emily Dickinson