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Making the Most of Life Transitions

Guided Imagery for Awareness, Healing and Transformation

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Beyond logical and linear thinking and everyday consciousness are other ways of knowing that can offer wise, compassionate guidance. Your inner guide is sometimes called “The One Who Knows,” the “Inner Advisor,” the “Authentic Self” or simply timeless awareness or intuition. You might recognize it as a gut feeling or the still, small voice that comes when you are quiet.

One of the most powerful yet gentle, safe and effective methods for accessing your deep knowing is Guided Imagery — a practice of awake alertness offering information in the form of images. Humans have always used the gift of imagination to solve problems and create meaning. And now research in mind-body medicine and the new science of decision-making increasingly support the critical role of the unconscious mind in healing and health, in creative problem solving and in effective decision-making.

By helping you attend to your naturally occurring images while in a relaxed, aware state, Guided Imagery serves as a bridge from your conscious to your subconscious mind, where your inner truth resides. Using inner vision as compass and guide, you can locate your answers and authority within yourself, becoming more confident and less reactive to external demands. From here, you can plot your course to your highest potential and best life.

Guided Imagery is rich in its applications, with benefits for making positive life changes:

  • greater presence of mind, balance and coping skills during life transitions
  • enhanced creativity in solving problems, artistic endeavors, and living
  • clarity in resolving inner conflicts and making wise choices
  • effectiveness at setting and reaching goals and improving performance
  • discovery of personal values, gifts, meaning and purpose

Guided Imagery also has many proven benefits for health and medical concerns: improving fertility, preparing for childbirth, surgery and medical procedures, easing pain and symptoms for most conditions, mobilizing the healing process, reducing stress and overcoming negative health habits (e.g., sleep, weight issues).

I received training and certification as an imagery practitioner through the Academy for Guided Imagery, an esteemed comprehensive program of Interactive Guided Imagery℠ (IGI) for health professionals. Rather than providing you with content or suggestions, IGI℠ helps you access and directly interact with your own images, supporting personal empowerment.

You can read about my own journey with Guided Imagery here.

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All the wonders
that you seek
are within yourself.
— Sir Thomas Brown