Choose Life!

Making the Most of Life Transitions

Life Coaching

Wherever you are in the cycle of change, transitions tend to open up key questions, like: Who am I really? How do I want to live? What really matters? What’s next? Choose Life! Coaching is about guiding, accompanying and encouraging you as you follow your pressing questions towards a better life.


“The Colors of Autumn” by Mirko Rubaltelli

Integrated and individualized method

Transitions and challenges are universal, but each of us is exquisitely different. In my coaching I bring you deep compassionate listening, thought-provoking questions and dialogue, plus an integrated set of ideas, practices and tools uniquely tailored to you. These might include life review and story revision, guided imagery, collage, art and writing exercises, meditation, life and legacy planning, and more. You receive emotional and practical support, ideas and tools for exploration, new strategies and skills, and resources to support your goals and keep you moving forward.

Creative and soulful process

Navigating your life transition and revising your life involve these steps: identifying your true needs and desires, expanding your sense of the possible, choosing your best options, making plans and taking action.

But the heart and soul of our work together is more like making art.

There’s dreaming, exploration, discovery, play and surprises along the way, as well as hard work. Sometimes our work is like sculpting — clearing away the obstacles that get in the way of seeing your best self. Sometimes it’s like collage: visualizing a new possibility, selecting materials, rearranging fragments in a new way. And sometimes memoir: expressing in an original voice the meaningful themes threading through your life’s facts, events and scenes.

The outcome is something alive, beautiful and whole that has your name on it — your essential self, your handmade life, your sacred story.

Choose Life! Coaching is holistic

  • I see you as a whole person and assume that you have deep knowledge of yourself and the capacity to find creative solutions to your questions and concerns.
  • A holistic perspective recognizes that each part of your life has an impact on and is affected by other parts, even if you only want to work on one specific goal. Body, mind and spirit are all interconnected and acknowledged.
  • Holistic coaching goes beyond goal setting. It’s visionary and grounded, addressing awareness and action, process and results. Imagination, insight, planning and action all work together.
  • Past, present and future are all considered, with an emphasis on helping you inhabit the present with greater freedom and vitality by letting go of what no longer serves and holding future expectations lightly.

The coaching relationship

Choosing a life coach is similar to selecting a doctor, lawyer or therapist — skill and experience are important but the relationship is key. My goal is to create the best conditions for you to discover and actualize your highest potential. That means creating a calm, safe, spacious place for your explorations, as well as forging a collaboration in which trust, respect and genuine care can flourish. Navigating change is easier, more effective and more enjoyable with someone in your corner who knows the territory.

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All the arts we practice
are apprenticeship.
The big art is our life.
— M. C. Richards