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Choose Life!

Making the Most of Life Transitions

My Approach

Photo of path through trees

“The Forest” by Mirko Rubaltelli

If you’re facing a life transition or are stuck in life, you might be feeling lost, confused and afraid. To find your true north again, you need a compass and guide.

My passion as a life change coach is dual:

  • To help you locate a compass and guide within yourself so you can move forward with confidence and manifest your deepest desires for a rich and meaningful life.
  • To help you gain perspective on the cycles of change and learn how to use them for your own growth and renewal.

The reality of all life is growth, change and transition. In nature, art and human life, transitions have predictable stages: an ending, a period of uncertainty and a new beginning. Each stage presents its own challenges, opportunities and tasks. Knowing what they are and where you are in the cycle of renewal can help you find your grounding and determine your best steps forward.

For more on the opportunities in transitions, listen here.

Six principles form the foundation of my work

  1. Accept with compassion who you are and where you are in the cycle of change. Acceptance includes embracing uncertainty. Realizing that the work of self-renewal is a creative process of exploration and discovery can be inspiring and motivating even in the hardest times.
  2. Find an anchor and answers within yourself. Guided imagery is a tool that can help you access your wise, compassionate self — your inner knowing.
  3. Remove, manage or skillfully transform inner obstacles — outmoded beliefs and attitudes, difficult emotions, rigid expectations — that keep you from becoming your best self and actively pursuing what you desire. Changing your thoughts can really change your life.
  4. Recognize that making or responding to change is a process. Lasting change requires patience, time, and small persistent steps forward. You are worth the investment.
  5. Start living and sustaining yourself in the present moment. Whether you are grieving a past that is gone or focusing on future goals, the present is the only place to open to new possibilities and express your highest potential.
  6. Take responsibility for your choices, no matter what life throws at you. Every moment presents opportunities to choose wisely based on what makes you feel enlivened, true to yourself and connected to what really matters. This is the meaning of Choose life!

When to start

Transitions are ripe times to initiate positive change. They begin with an impulse from within or a knock on the door from without. In the desire to awaken is the longing for your real life. Will you heed the call?

Making change can be hard but getting support is easy. Set up your complimentary conversation by calling 510.540.8755 or filling out this form and I’ll contact you shortly.

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Adventures don’t begin
until you step into the
forest. That first step
is an act of faith.
— Mickey Hart

The breezes at dawn
have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for
what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
— Rumi