Beyond surviving change,
you can actively plan and
craft a life — and life story —
of authenticity, zest
and wholeness

Choose Life!

Making the Most of Life Transitions

photo of bridge through woods

Linda Blachman

All the world is a
very narrow bridge.
And the main thing
is not to fear at all.
— R. Nachman of Breslov


The opportunity in transitions

Whether you initiate a life change or are forced into one, transitions can be hard. Endings can be painful, uncertainty uncomfortable, the future fearful. But used skillfully, transitions can be portals to creative and soulful living. No matter your age or circumstances, you can still discover what really matters, who you really are, and how you want to spend your precious time here — and begin to live it now.

How Choose Life! Coaching can help with your life transition

My mission is to help you connect with the most vital, authentic and meaningful aspects of yourself so you can make wise choices in crafting a better life. I offer compassionate guidance and a unique process and set of tools, synthesized from over 30 years of professional experience, to help you:

  • feel supported on a journey of discovery leading to more freedom and joy
  • learn to navigate change with greater presence of mind, courage and ease
  • connect with what makes you feel most alive and most yourself – your essential self
  • make life-affirming choices and enact thoughtful plans for a positive next chapter
  • identify and use your gifts to make contributions to the greater good

What life changes and challenges are you facing?

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“I highly recommend Linda as a coach for anyone who would like to discover a new direction in a stimulating, safe and satisfying way.”
— Barbara B | Retired Teacher